Hi! I’m Carmen Adan , a serious fashionblogger & lifestyleblogger I created fashion-content travelstyle , streetstyle , lookoftheday , trendy looks and beauty-styles in a beautiful atmosphäre 
I open my personality BLOG in April 2013:
1) C.A.Blog on Air Fashion & Lifestyle / TODAY NEW WEBSITE calls CAFASHIONLIFESTYLE
I loves fashion and all kind of beautiful lifestyle.
I love to wear trendy-fashion and beautiful bags and shoes & sunglasses are my favorites. 

Carmen Adan stay for CA FASHION&LIFESTYLE describes her style as a ying-yang blend of femininity with a faint dash of masculinity. I am not a fan of women being sexualized through clothing, and believes that a woman should dress to empower herself instead of trying to fit into the social normality of life.

I mainly focuses on high-end luxury fashion mixed with high-street wear, and try to uses the BLOG WEBSITE platform to inspire others to step out of their comfort zone and release the confidence that lies dormant within themselves.

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 by Carmen Adan